Health and Safety Consultancy Services

NEW FOR SUMMER 2016! Comply with EU and British Law!

Get the most out of your company. Motivate, empower and educate your employees. Keep your employees safe, happy and loyal whilst saving money by preventing litigation, a bad reputation and low moral.

We now provide a bespoke Health and Safety Consultancy Service. Whether you require Health and Safety policy, procedures, safe working practices, documentation, training or risk assessment we can meet your needs.

Our in house consultant is qualified by the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) and offers pleasant, friendly service with a common sense approach to achieving realistic goals.

Our consultancy services include:

  • Health and Safety Policy audit and advice
  • Comprehensive template Health and Safety documents
  • Annual advice and support service
  • Workplace inspection
  • Individual risk assessment
  • First Aid risk assessment
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Chemical (COSHH) risk assessment
  • Disply screen equipment risk assessment
  • Employee Handbook
  • Workplace training (Manual Handling, Asbestos Awareness, Hazardous Materials)

For further information and to contact our in house consultant direct -